So guys, I’m looking for those photoshoots untagged (hq or mq)

So if you have any, please ask me with prices and proofs!

Also, I’m looking for any photoshoot not featured here:, hq, mq, tagged… Doesn’t matter or any featured with HQ version. 


Xavier Samuel A-Z: Editorial

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So yesterday i was about to fall asleep when my friend called me on facebook and said “hey i have a gift for you” and i was like hm ok cool, AND THEN HE SENT ME A PICTURE OF HIM AND MISHA AND I WAS LIKE LSDJFGLGKJFDÇSFJDLBFGGDMFLASFNDSGLFGFNDF OMG.
He went to a bar celebrate his birthday and Misha was there alone.

I mean,

do you imagine Misha alone in bar

cuz I def don’t.

If I was me there I would buy another drink to Misha and say
"Now let’s talk about yout life"

Does anyone knows if they’re still filming supernatural? If yes, anyone knows where can I find the address for future set locations? Sorry idk how this works



Do my dark undereye circles and unwashed hair turn you on

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